Mover Mode


Image of the year… me thinks.

So it’s come down to this.

Self-inflicted drama yet again, perhaps, but this weblog is accumulating too much blabnothings and the weight is bogging me down more and more each day. You know – psychological stuff. For what it’s worth, it’s been a good four-year run. Time for a fresh space.

I’m not shutting down the blog. Just not going to add on anymore posts… except for a private post-note, I think. Anyway, yes. The end. If a new blog should exist you’ll know where to source the new address from yours truly.

Here’s to twenty-ten.

The Holiday was playing on the local channel last night and I was in front of the tele with (one of) the cousin – the crew of four of us were back for a brief reunion this Christmas before my brother takes off again later this evening back to Melbourne.

This reunion consists of a few things:
– sleepover (that consists of moderated sleeping arrangements)
– movies (and/ or loads of TV-watching)
– real-time family drama (and our desperate attempts to remove selves from it)

But anyway that wasn’t quite the point. I never realised till last night that the story in The Holiday was kind of what I experienced in the past year. A couple of differences: 1) I didn’t swap homes/ lives with another person and most importantly 2) my ending didn’t come out of a Hollywood recipe.

I think there’s a part of me that has accepted the Art House way of life. Upfront, frank, blatant, raw and perpetually dissatisfying. If there’s one good thing about it (that makes this whole thing worth the ride and pain) is that it’s probably more real and earth-grounding than the counterpart.

One thing to take away, too, is the possibility that there never is an ending to anything without it being fused to another. The lines are blurry as and a lifetime achievement award should probably be introduced upon mastering the acceptance of this fact.

For now, it’s two days after Christmas, and deep inside my heart is breaking once again because the brother is going back to where life is better (in all honesty) and I’m once again left behind to fight the vacuum alone.

I’m running out of conceptual (and literal) images to display. Indefinite hiatus mode still on – and thoughts of ending this blog stronger than ever. New words, if any in the future, will most likely be housed under a new roof.

It’s about time.